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The Best Kept Secret - Mane ‘n Tail
By Amy C. Witt

Since I was nine years old, I use to spend endless hours washing, scrubbing, grooming and polishing my horses and lambs with Mane ‘n Tail to keep them looking sparkly, lustrous and healthy for 4-H shows and rodeos. At a young age, I observed the quality of the product and its’ growth enhancements and quickly began using their shampoo and conditioner on myself. So when Straight Arrow most recently reached out to me and asked if they could send me product for review, I was beside myself. Now I know many of you have also been dedicated users and lovers of Straight Arrow’s products like the Original Mane ‘n Tail or everyone’s favorite, Cowboy Magic. Therefore, I am really excited to share with you a variety of new and exclusive Mane ‘n Tail products that not only can be used on all of your animals, but safe and wonderful for you and everyone you love!




Although I have not used the Ultimate Gloss shampoo and conditioner on myself, it is my favorite go-to for my horses and dogs. With a very mild fruity scent, the shampoo allows for deep lathering and gentle cleansing that targets dirt and stains. The moisturizing formula is pH balanced so it is great for horses and other animals with sensitive skin. After easily rinsing the shampoo out, my animals are left with a super glossy and silky coat. Following up with the conditioner, I am instantly delighted with the softness, smell and finish. After using both the shampoo and conditioner, a long lasting reflective shine literally intensifies and brightens Mo’s palomino color. After using both the products on my Australian Shepherd, Lily, her coat is always left silky and shiny for well over a week. I did notice that if you don’t brush the mane, tail, coat or hair while it is still wet, hair will be very free and lively. For example, Mo has a frail, short forelock and if I do not brush it while it is still wet, it will literally stick straight up. Also, I typically do not need to follow up with a detangler because both the shampoo and conditioner have detangling agents. The Ultimate Gloss shampoo and conditioner is the real deal and if you want to blind others with shine, this product was made for you!


DETANGLER – The Tangles and Knot Solution

I use this Detangler every day on myself and every time I ride my horses. I have really thick hair and many times I get rats’ nests or knots right at my hair line and the back of my neck. I like to spray a generous amount and use a brush (oppose to a comb)to brush it out. I’ve used a ton of different oils and products and this detangler is really the only thing that is effective on my hair. For some reason, my horses like to roll around in bur-clovers or cockleburs and without this detangler, it is nearly impossible to brush out the hundreds of stickers stuck in their forelock, mane and tail. When brushing out these troublemakers, I like to spray a lot of the detangler in the hair and let it soak for a few seconds before smoothly brushing all of the bur-clovers and cockleburs out. The detangler always leaves the hair soft and looking clean even when the animal hasn’t been bathed. Not to mention, it is formulated with natural herbal extracts and is paraben-free, dye-free and aluminum-free.



Every time I wash my hair I use the new Color Protect shampoo and conditioner. It has significantly helped keep my bleached blond hair healthy and fresh. I also am not a fan of brassiness, and I noticed it has helped maintain my color. The Color Protect shampoo and conditioner has also contributed to hair growth and keeps my ends super healthy. Some shampoos are really harsh and leave my ends super crispy and brittle, but this shampoo does not! The smell is nice, but I wish it would be a little stronger because when it dries, it doesn’t leave the hair super fragrant, but rather clean and thriving. And cowboys, this isn’t just for us cowgirls, it is for you also! My brother Zeb and his crew, the Fulton Hotshots – also share the big bottle of shampoo and conditioner when they’re camped out on a fire.  



The Deep Moisturizer is very new to the market and was created with a focus to target and revitalize dry and damaged hair.  Although my hair is not damaged, I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner for myself and my horse. My horses’ hair, as well as my hair, a lot of times is dry but this product has a natural moisturizing retention treatment combined with micro-enriched proteins that provides for extra moisturizing, gentle cleaning and super soft locks. With Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, it really nourishes and hydrates the hair leaving it silky and easy to manage. I also like to leave the conditioner on for five minutes or longer to really let the product saturate because it always intensifies the health, strength and softness of the hair.



If you want instant, and I mean instant shine on you and your horses’ mane and tail, I highly recommend this finishing spray. Providing maximum shine, the Shine On spray is oil and alcohol free. With a wonderful fragrant smell, this product is long-lasting, repels dirt, eliminates frizz and conditions hair. Combining the Shine On with the Ultimate Gloss shampoo and conditioner, will really turn some heads…you will literally be glittering and shinning! What I found is a little goes a long way and if you have hair that absorbs product quickly, you will need a very small amount to prevent locks from looking greasy.  I sprayed the Shine On to my dry hair before a trail ride and left my hair down - I had absolutely no tangles or frizz and my hair looked super healthy and of course, shiny!


Mane ‘n Tail contains compounds like collagen, glycol distearate and coconut oil derivatives to rebuild damaged hair, achieve growth, maintain hydration, and keep locks gleaming while never stripping natural oils. The products are affordable, convenient and available at almost any department store. For nearly 40 years, Mane ‘n Tail has continued to evolve and create crossover products that speak for themselves.

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