It’s a Saddle Tramp Nation

You’ve seen Saddle Tramp Brand’s bold ritzy earrings and swanky leatherwork on the likes of Blake Shelton’s backup singer and SiriusXM Outlaw Country Radio DJ, singer songwriter, Elizabeth Cook. Circumnavigating the globe, Breann Beasley puts her spin on western fashion, stamping and sprinkling her glitter and signature on every magical horizon. From Canada to the United Kingdom, fashionistas and lovers from all over are cinchin’ up to whip and spur to the Saddle Tramp Nation.

An educated and well traveled cowgirl, Beasley was born in Utah and raised in Wyoming and has traveled to over 34 countries, with South America stealing her heart as the favorite continent visited.  After graduating college, she held many titles from a catering services manager, to fields of greenhouse gases and archaeology and even an environmental scientist in Alaska. But, going through the motions and being employed by corporate America wasn’t satisfying or even propelling her towards her dreams. With her father’s voice always ringing in her ear, “Baby, don’t be afraid to be your own boss,” Beasley walked out of her salaried position on July 8, 2016  – dumping gas and lighting a match to the fire that ignited her creativity!  Creating things that she liked, the Saddle Tramp Brand grabbed her boot straps and hit the ground stompin’, offering functional statement designs, jewelry, purses and leather work unlike any other.

Working hard to build her leather empire and with the help of Instagram and social media, in a year Saddle Tramp increased her sales by literally, 15,000%. And, her work speaks for itself as she sells out of hot items like the concho earrings, unicorn buckles, thunder bird satchels or trucker hats within hours of listing them to her website.  Now, she runs to the post office with garbage bags full of orders, shipping across the United States and internationally as women of all walks of life strut their Saddle Tramp Brand handmade jewels proudly.


A comedian, fashionista and super hustler, Saddle Tramp truly inspires and encourages us to live our best life, “Follow your arrow, folks!”

Your styles and designs are really fun and different – where does the inspiration come from?

I really like weird things! I love retro, high fashion with a mix on western fashion. But, the western industry isn’t really some place I get inspiration from…(unless it’s Dolly Parton.) I try to get inspo from everything! A lot of the times it can come to me at the most random times or even in the middle of the night.

What is your favorite thing to make? And, what has been the most challenging?

Bolo ties, for sure are my favorite.  Pistol cases have been the most challenging. And a lot of times, custom orders are extremely hard - I want to make sure that it is perfect and the customer is going to love it. In fact, unfortunately I am no longer offering custom orders.

What is your favorite part of the project process?

My favorite part is after the tooling is over. I get the opportunity and freedom to really explore with colors and depth, incorporating my personality. My wheelhouse is colors, painting and dyes. Love it!


Literally, woman around the world are wearing your products. How does that make you feel?

I can’t really express it, except exciting! Incredible.  It’s insane really. I can walk into a bar in another state and the bartender may recognize me. Or my friends or customers will tell me they will get stopped and asked are those Saddle Tramp earrings? I am just waiting for the day that I am in another country or at the airport and there are numerous women and men rocking things I made.

Lately, people have been trying to replicate your work – how do you approach the situation?

I am annoyed. In the early 90’s when my dad was going to shows and rodeos, people were only seeing the product displayed at trade shows or events, so you literally were showing up with work that no one had ever seen. Obviously with social media, that’s not the case.  Before, I was calling them out and putting them on my story and messaging them. My dad would say, “Just always keep moving because you know it is going to happen.” Now, I’m just trying to a better business owner and woman so I just block them and move on. I understand they’re not worth the effort.

How would you describe your style and who are your fashion icons?

I believe fashion is an expression of self. I don’t think it is about trying to outdo each other which I kinda feel has been done on Instagram. Fashion shouldn’t be sterilized and watered down – we all aren’t supposed to look or dress alike. With that said, I feel I have a distinct style – its bold, loud, not polished but it is eclectic. Like retro/vintage high fashion with a spin on western. I wear what I like and want. Grace Potter, Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Buck Owens, Elizabeth Cook and Dolly Parton are definitely my icons!

Tell us about styling for Elizabeth Cook

Man, I am lucky and timing really is everything! I’ve been a follower of Elizabeth for years and somehow we just connected. We’re kindred spirits. It really just snowballed from me providing jumpsuits for a photo shoot, making a custom guitar strap, styling her and her backup singers for the Ryman Auditorium and in September, flying to the UK to style her for a music festival she performed at. I just feel super lucky that she believes in me the way she does and supports my visions. 

Was there anyone who has really inspired and pushed you to pursue your dreams?

My dad, that man has truly forged his own path and always motivated and encouraged me to do what makes me happy. My brother Kalyn too – we’re both following my dad’s footsteps. Elizabeth Cook also, she’s a real hustler and business woman. And, Zach. He is my biggest supporter.

It is clear that you and Zach have a beautiful relationship – is there any advice you could give other women?

We work so well together because we are both just naturally ourselves. We maintain a very high level of communication and he is just an incredible individual. I am so lucky. But, he truly believes in me. And, I believe it is so important to communicate a lot and that you’re in a relationship with someone that inspires, pushes and supports you.




5 things on your bucket list

1.       Attend and sell at the maker tradeshow in Tokyo, Japan

2.       Learn how to ride a motorcycle and definitely take several road trips

3.       Drive the Pan American Highway – Starting in Alaska and ending at the tip of South America

4.       Hiking in Nepal

5.       Ride horses in Mongolia

What advice would you give women who fear taking the leap in really pursue their dreams?

A lot of people make too many excuses. It could be time, money, knowledge and resources, whatever. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’re not even going to try to take the steps to move forward. But you know, there is no time like the present. Get a fire in your belly and go for it!

What’s next?

Continue to grow. Expand, eventually become main stream. Start outsourcing and integrating technology better. I want to start styling more and really dive into some vendor pop-ups, tradeshows, musical festivals, rodeos, events, and really become more involved in face to face opportunities with customers, artists, entrepreneurs and women.  I will continue to evolve as an artesian, never compromising quality.  The best is yet to come!

“Never underestimate the power of Instagram. It doesn’t have to be decisive and negative. Have fun with it. Take charge of your destiny,” Beasley laughs.

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