Kimes Ranch Jeans Blog - Dear Cowboy Kimes


Dear Cowboy,

I know it’s not easy
Being with a cowgirl
They’re rough and tough
And sometimes just meaner
Than a rattlesnake
They may dance
Swift like the wind
And then leave you
In the dust
Of their broken ways
And stubborn rush
But, when you find that special darlin’
She will shine bright
Like a full-moon night
And she’ll be even more beautiful
In your eyes
Than your favorite starry sky
She’ll be your caretaker
Your best friend
And your right hand man
She’ll out do most men
And, doesn’t think a thing
About competing with other women
Try your best to not let her go
To sleep mad
Because she may wake
On the hook like a hot mama cow
Let her be
Whatever she wants
And empower
And embrace her
Because she’ll rise
Like a queen
When you find her
Please hold her tight
And kiss her
Every day and every night
Hey cowboy,
I know it’s rough
But, just make sure you treat her right.