Ropers Sports News - Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham
By Amy Witt

The twang of a 60’s Fender Stratocaster that dances in your ear like an old western movie makes you visualize so perfectly a beautiful seniorita being spun around by a cowboy under a sky lit by the moon and stars. The mystical, rustic cowboy ambiance that fills your body while listening to his music is an art in itself. A man of class, style, talent, and charisma, Ryan Bingham, a native from Hobbs, NM, has dominated the music industry with his spin on country music.

An Oscar-winning singer/songwriter, Bingham started his journey at a young age performing at rodeos and gigs here and there. A self-taught musician, Bingham started learning how to play the guitar at the age of fifteen. His neighbor at the time, who lived in Laredo, TX, taught him how to play mariachi music. A fire was lit under Bingham and his musical career began burning.

Bingham started as a roughy, riding bulls while working for Mac Altizer of Bad Company Rodeo. Altizer was the man who ultimately believed in him. At the rodeos, Bingham would step off his bull and then perform at the rodeos which would be the steps leading up to his career.

In 2007, Bingham’s debut album made waves around the world being noticed by Rolling Stone, Esquire, and The Washington Post.  Receiving a Grammy Oscar, Golden Globe, and Americana Artist of the Year in 2010, Bingham’s song, “The Weary Kind” took him to the top earning the awards every musician dreams of.  Traveling all around the world touring the US and Europe, Bingham has beyond proved himself opening up for legends like Bob Dylan and Wilco and My Morning Jacket. These huge accomplishments inspired Bingham to keep rolling.

Song writing comes about sporadically for the young artist. Traveling around the world gives him a grasp on society and reality, while inspiring and opening his eyes to fresh and new life and ideas. Unwinding at home and being able take some time away from the road is when he is really able to expose his heart to his songwriting. Currently Bingham is promoting and performing the songs from his newest album, “Fear and a Saturday Night,” which is a collection of blues, country, and rock n’ roll.

When asked what advice he would give others that want to pursue a career in music or any other career they are passionate about, Bingham replied, “Don’t be afraid to take chances and keep an open mind. Get out on the road and pay attention to the small things in life. Within every adventure is a story, and within every story is a song, all you have to do is write it down. When you run out of road, get a boat and set the sails.”

Starting off at junior rodeos as a kid, Bingham has been around some of the greats like Roy Cooper, Clay Bingham, Ken Smith, and his father and uncles.  Recently, he started getting back into the game entering jackpots and team ropings around California. He loves the atmosphere and enjoys roping anywhere that there is cold beer and good friends. Bingham typically travels with his pard, Boo, his Australian Shepard.

With a bucket list of opening for the Rolling Stones, break dancing on the moon, and surfing the Mavericks, this down to earth, jagged, edgy, singer with vocals to kill is not only a musician, but a humble genuine family man. He is full of life and love and makes the world come alive through the harmony of his signature voice.

The next time you see the cowboy around, sit down and drink a cold brewskie with him and allow him to make you feel alive.

Bingham’s music can be purchased at, iTunes, and Amazon.