You're Just a Dream

Photography: Anthony Yang

Photography: Anthony Yang

By Amy C. Witt

I dream about this cowboy
Who lives thousands of miles away
Wonderin’ if he’s thinkin’
Or even worries about me
I dream about the days
When we’re able to escape
To ranchin’ and ropin’ and lovin’ all day
Livin’ the dream, strivin’ for finer things

I dream about this cowboy
And wonder which saloon he’s standin’ in
And who he’s holdin’ tight
Sippin’ on Jim Beam on all his lonely nights
And dances with girls that aren’t yet good women
And who don’t know a thing
About chasin’ big dreams or workin’ for a better life
And someday being, the best damn wife

I dream of this cowboy
As tears decorate my cheeks
Readin’ in my loneliness of a sage burnin’ light
Exhalin’ my dreams, this smoke makes me think
I wonder if he knows I’d dance ‘til sunlight
And come home every night and hold him real tight
He can wash down his lonesome ways
On my burnt Patron lips
As I love away his rugged ways
And drift into a place
Of pure fuckin’ bliss.