By Amy C. Witt

I thought about stepping around this big Bramer bull. He was big and mean but beautiful also.
His color was the prettiest of gray
and his black highlighted him well in all the right ways.
His horns were big and strong - they curved up in such a way that let you know danger was about to creep up in your face.
He had a look in his eye that made you cringe and he walked with a heavy stride.
I eased up to him as he took his stand and stared me down, looking me straight in the eye and made me feel like I just might die.
I stepped a little closer as he started making his way towards me.
I stepped to the left and he stepped to his right, always focusing on his sight.
I continued to step a little closer as he continued to do the same.
And, at some point I became within inches of the 2,000 pound beauty.
Slowly and softly, I reached my hand out in peace, as he quickly stepped forward...
And licked me.