All Good Cowgirls

Casey Hardy Photography -

Casey Hardy Photography -

All Good Cowgirls
By Amy C. Witt

Maybe you’re the kind of cowgirl
That likes ropin’ fast Corrientes
And wears a nice felt Stetson
Always lookin’ pretty
Ridin’ a Doc O’Lena
Swingin’ a Cactus Rope
Ready to drop a coil
Or lookin’ for a fast throw

Maybe you’re the kind of cowgirl
That rides the feed lot all day
Dreamin’ about finer Wednesdays
And, your roan Hancock, yeah, he’s broke
But, sometimes he’s just alright
He could probably use a good choke

Maybe you’re the kind of cowgirl
Who rides the days away
Doctorin’ and sortin’ and cussin’
It’s always your way
Your dogs, they come to a whistle
And, you always gotta watch the thistle
That’s where the rattle snakes lay
As you’re ridin’ your favorite bay

Maybe you’re the kind of cowgirl
Who loves chasin’ those cans
Your rig, yeah its big
And, you’ve got fast hands
And, don’t ever forget
Your Gold Buckle plans
Because honey, you got them
Barrel racin’ demands

Maybe you’re the kind of cowgirl
Who helps your cowboy all the while
Tendin’ to the kids, the calves and the shots
Always with a big smile
Exposin’ them to the ranch
You like takin’ the babies for a trot
Your cowboy, yeah he’s your best friend
And, he knows all the good spots

And, maybe you’re the kind of cowgirl
By day you’re working towards your dreams
But, slip on your boots to dance
Around in your tight fittin’ jeans
Tryin’ get away every weekend
Away from the city things
You long for a cowboy
Who will buy you a nice diamond ring


Whatever kind of cowgirl you may be
 Just know that there are other women
Drinkin’ coffee
And, thinkin’ and feelin’
And rackin’ their brains
Workin’ towards healin’
For better days
But no matter what,
They always keep ridin’ and ropin’
And, workin’ each day
To be a finer woman
In every damn way