F*ck all of this facade


I think as cowgirls, we’re born with this ability to really empower and embrace the uniqueness of each one of us as an individual. We are given the freedom to be whoever we choose to be. We have really beautiful opportunities to not only express ourselves through our style or fashion, but also a woman as a whole. Because, each one of us are so different in our own ways and it is such an incredible thing.

Western fashion allows us to explore, create and recreate again and again, a diverse variety of stunning looks. We come together and inspire, motivate and encourage each other to really search and reveal our own personal style and self. And this means, we don’t have to dress like anyone else! We don’t have to follow any specific sets of style, rules or trends!

There's a lot more to be said than about what everyone's wearing, but rather how they're acting and treating others. Also, if you're going talk about it, be about it.

I took this picture after stepping off my horse from branding about 140 head and my face and hair is filled with dirt.

What about the fashion of morals, values, hard work, personal growth and the cowboy and rodeo way of life? Fuck all of this facade and petty social media competition. Forget treating each other like you're better or other women are less than. Take all the followers away and who are you, what are you about?

Lets empower and embrace each other.

Cheers to all of my real women - the ones out there, hustling, grinding, working on themselves. Cheers to the women who are the backbones to their cowboys, raising a household, driving, the ones in the background, in the branding pen giving shots, working the chutes and working to be kickass. Cheers to my cowgirls who can step out of their heels and back into the box or swing a leg over and chase one down in a field. Cheers to all badass women who are about it! Xo #californiadreamin #nfrfashion #NFR2017 #westernfashion #cowgirls #fashion #potd