Kimes Ranch Jeans - In The Right Jeans, a Woman Can Conquer The World

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THE woman, Coco Chanel said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This quote speaks volumes, especially as women involved in rodeo, ranching, agriculture and all the in between. I think as cowgirls, we’re born with this ability to really empower and embrace the uniqueness of each one of us as an individual.

We are given the freedom to be whoever we choose to be. We have really beautiful opportunities to not only express ourselves through our style or fashion, but also a woman as a whole. Because, each one of us are so different in our own ways and it is such an incredible thing.

Western fashion allows us to explore, create and recreate again and again, a diverse variety of stunning looks. We come together and inspire, motivate and encourage each other to really search and reveal our own personal style and self. And this means, we don’t have to dress like anyone else! We don’t have to follow any specific sets of style, rules or trends!

Embracing being a different woman means we can grow, learn and conquer our dreams…together!


The Jolene jeans are some unlike I have ever seen or worn. Not only is it amazing to note that they are made in America, but as a curvy girl it is extremely hard to find jeans that fit in all the right places, are comfortable and don’t sag – especially when trying to rope, ride or squat down to throw a calf on the ground. The wash and overall style makes the denim appear to be super premium and high end, which they are but for an affordable price!

I chose to pair these perfect jeans with a body suit I purchased from a local boutique, Pink Chateau @pinkchateau. I believe it is important to shop local and/or purchase from women/family owned businesses. Additionally, I chose Steve Madden red chunky heels to enhance the red roses on the body suit and the badass jeans. 

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Photos by: Jamie Changala @jchangala33 & Changala Aussies: @changalaaussies