Levity and Lipstick - Danika Smith

Photo Courtesy: D. Smith - wearing her favorite lip color,  "Dooby-doo" 

Photo Courtesy: D. Smith - wearing her favorite lip color, "Dooby-doo" 

Levity and Lipstick

Just a Rock n' Roll girl living in a Rodeo World

After reading her blog and stalking her on instagram, I had to know more about her cosmetics, her life, what rodeo man she was married to and ultimately, everything about her! After interacting, we came to the conclusion that I high school rodeo-ed with her husband, Ryle Smith and his sister, Carli (Smith) Brown.

I was so excited to learn about her travels and her new cosmetic line, Levity and Lipstick. Now, many girls in and out of the arena are wearing her lip collection. So of course, I want everyone to meet Danika Smith and Levity and Lipstick! She's a beautiful badass girl on a mission to helping girls feel and look beautiful! 

"Bar Crawl"

"Bar Crawl"

Tell me everything about yourself and anything and everything you would like readers to know (background, experience, etc).

I was born and raised in the Portland Metro Area. I never really got into sports, so my parents enrolled my in horse-back riding lessons at the age of 7. I fell in love with the Morgan horse breed and have owned Morgan’s ever since I fell in love with riding. After high school I went to Portland community college and studied drug and alcohol addiction until I realized it was not what I wanted to spend my life doing. I then enrolled and graduated from Aveda Institute of Portland for Esthetics, immediately passed state board and got my first job as an esthetician at The Allison Inn & Spa. A 5 star preferred boutique hotel and spa in the heart of Oregon Wine country. Which is why I am a wino!!!!!! I met Ryle at the height of my man hating years (I had a terrible relationship resume) at the first rodeo I had ever gone to and we did the long distance thing for quite a few years before I moved to Oakdale in 2013 to be closer to him. Ryle is my best friend and biggest fan we are both super awkward, find humor in everything and have no shame in our weirdness. Every day is an adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So tell me, what are you doing now days?

Obviously, being part of the rodeo world, my status and location is ever changing, so at the moment I am “home” in my beloved Portland, working as an airbrush technician and esthetician at a previous employer. Bask in the Sun Tanning and Airbrushing is a boutique style Salon located in Johns Landing (just in between Lake Owego and Downtown Portland) which specializes in airbrush tanning as well as all things skincare (waxing, facials, brow tinting, etc.) I will be here until the end of summer and then most likely I will be reuniting with Ryle and we will head back to California. I am licensed as an Esthetician in Oregon, California, and Texas. Each state is different for me. While I’m in Texas (winter) I typically focus on Levity and Lipstick (choosing formulations and colors for the year to come, inventory, etc.), while in California (Fall and Spring) I focus on Special Occasion Makeup and do mobile airbrush tanning, and while in Oregon (during the summer) I’ve been lucky enough to have a connection with Bask and will hopefully continue to help them throughout their busy season

Tell me all about Levity and Lipstick.

Well, I have always been a pretty impulsive and stubborn person, so when I get an idea I go for it. Levity and Lipstick has been one of those impulsive decisions, but fortunately it has been a leap of faith in a positive direction. I have always loved make up and after getting a bad taste in my mouth in California with trying to keep my esthetics career afloat and being a newlywed I decided to leave with Ryle and head out on the rodeo road rather than be left at home with a career I wasn’t thrilled with. I got a call from my sister in law and she had this brilliant idea about my starting my own cosmetic line. Something I could do on the road with my husband and can be managed anywhere with a post office and internet access. So basically, I owe Carli Brown a huge thank you for putting the bug in my ear.

What kind of ingredients are used in Levity and Lipstick?

The Levity and Lipstick products are all paraben free, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic  and dermatologist approved. I wanted the product to be easy to apply, long lasting and of course because of my esthetics background good for you! These lippies are packed full of vitamin E for hydration and healing power and also have a hint of vanilla, because lets be real us ladies all like our products to smell nice and to be totally kissable.


How/why does your lip line standout over others?

I hand pick every single color for each season and make sure each lippie is quality before it is manufactured. The fashion industry and cosmetic industry is ever changing. There are always new trends, which I am always trying to keep up with. I also want to choose lippies that are wearable in the real world for real woman.  

What are your goals for Levity and Lipstick?

The goal for Levity and Lipstick is to encourage confidence with every dollop of gloss and creativity with every shade of lipstick. The brand is made for the modern woman who is as bold and beautiful as her favorite lipstick. We are full of wit, grit and determination. We feel empowered by our femininity and take no shit.. all the while looking damn good. 

As an outsider into rodeo, and now being actively involved, how do you feel about the industry?

Rodeo has been so good to me. I met Ryle at the very first rodeo I ever went to. St. Paul, OR. Now I frequent them. But every time I go to a rodeo I am still blown away at how many people are drawn together in a sport dedicated to the history of our country. I grew up a liberal hippie from Portland Oregon, and although I have always been involved in the equine world as an English rider, I’ve never felt the love and acceptance in one single community as I have in the rodeo community. Even with my out there ideas and liberal tendencies… it doesn’t matter, my friends are my friends and they accept me for me and vice versa. This industry is built on respect and hard work. As long as you believe and act in those characteristics you are part of the rodeo family.

Tell me about your life as a rodeo wife.

If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be married to a rodeo cowboy and spending the majority of my year in horse trailer I would have told you, you were crazy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I thought what I wanted was a high rise apartment in the heart of the city with a demanding job that made me feel like an independent modern woman. What I have learned is that I am a very independent modern woman, that gets to roam the country with a man that works his ass off to achieve his goals and uplifts me while is chase my dreams. I have always lived my life by quotes, and the best one that sums up my relationship with Ryle is from Alice in Wonderland “The best gift you could have given her is a lifetime of adventure.” I get to live that quote everyday with him. 

Who/what inspires you?

Ryle inspires me, he has dedicated his entire life to rodeo and achieving his goals. I’ve never met someone so determined, yet so humble. I absolutely believe he will achieve everything he puts his mind to, and I am very grateful to have met someone who showed me the power of hard work.

Also Betty White, she is a badass and so hilarious!

Your favorite lip color?

This is difficult…. Hmmm… Embrace from the Spring 2016 Collection and Dooby-doo from the Summer line.

Favorite rodeo?

1.       St. Paul
2.      Pendleton
3.     Houston or Salinas

Tell me about your personal style.

I’d say I’m totally dependent on my personality that day. I definitely lean towards the edgy, rock n’ roll Portland grungy look a lot when I’m feeling sexy, but I do love florals and what girl doesn’t like to feel super feminine every so often. I’m really new to the western fashion, but since I’m surrounded by it, it is slowly creeping into my closet. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years, hopefully happy. That’s all that matters. Living like a gypsy for this long has taught me it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you choose happiness. Of course, I’d love to have a family at some point, but as of now we are taking it one day at a time.

5 Things people don’t know about you?

1. My first job was as a stall cleaner for a horse trainer at 15 years old

2. I barely graduated high school (my GPA was 1.8) but I love to learn.

3. I collect random quotes

4. Most days I refuse to put on makeup because I'm too lazy

5. I have to sleep at least 9 hours every night otherwise, i'm a monster - Ryle can attest for that

Favorite makeup artist/stylist?

Samantha Ravndahl (youtube her!!!)

I love your blog - Tell me more about it.

I think that I am pretty socially awkward, and sometimes my speech gets jumbled, but for whatever reason when I write my true self is released. My sarcastic, smart-assy and super passionate self comes through easier in my blog than it does in person. 

As an esthetician, what are some good tips/techniques/products for us cowgirls in the sun and dirt with full face full of makeup?

ALWAYS WASH YOUR FACE, EVERY NIGHT!!!! Even if you aren’t going to be sleeping, leaving your makeup on for too long will not only clog your pores but steal the hydration and leave you dehydrated as well. Also just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you can skip moisturizing. Typically being dehydrated or dry will cause more problems with oily skin because your body will over compensate for feeling dry by over producing oil.

Also, Vitamin C serum daily, we spend a lot of time outside and vitamin c will help combat free radicals and work hand in hand with SPF to prevent sun damage.

Best SPF for us?

Skinceuticals, hands down!!!

Any makeup tips or suggestions for us cowgirls?

Less is more! I use a BB cream as foundation during the summer months for extra protection and for a lighter coverage that won’t look crazy if you sweat it off. Natural skin is always in.

What’s on your bucket list?

The Kentucky Derby, I am such a horse racing fan. Horses that love what they do put their entire heart into their jobs. Rodeo, jumping, racing, all of it is so impressive. But, really I’m obsessed with the story of Secretariat.


Any closing thoughts?

Never pass up the opportunity to live an adventure!

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    levityandlipstick  So excited to see some #levityandlipstick  on the always stunning @carlytwiss   @ridetvnetwork   #thisoldhorse  #Repost   @carlytwiss  (via  @repostapp ) ・・・ Wrapped our first episode of the second Season of  #ThisOldHorse  at the Casner Ranch. We found an amazing story on a race horse with true grit, Well Armed. I can't wait for all of you to see it! You will be able to catch the episode soon only on @ridetvnetwork  Thanks  @levityandlipstick for the great lips for the silver screen! 💋    


levityandlipstickSo excited to see some#levityandlipstick on the always stunning@carlytwiss @ridetvnetwork #thisoldhorse#Repost @carlytwiss (via @repostapp)
Wrapped our first episode of the second Season of #ThisOldHorse at the Casner Ranch. We found an amazing story on a race horse with true grit, Well Armed. I can't wait for all of you to see it! You will be able to catch the episode soon only on@ridetvnetwork Thanks @levityandlipstickfor the great lips for the silver screen! 💋