Exclusive Interview with World Champ and Mastermind, Jade Corkill

Photo Courtesy: J. Corkill

Photo Courtesy: J. Corkill

There is no doubt about it, Jade Corkill is a mastermind. No matter how high or low, you can guarantee under pressure, that the Nevada raised cowboy will perform extremely well, no matter the conditions.

Although Corkill was born with a special gift and natural talent, his fame and fortune wasn’t and hasn’t been handed to him. Having a healthy mind to balance wins and loses is very challenging. Corkill has proved to the world time and time again that no matter what mistake he makes or shot he misses, motivation, dedication and determination stick with him to finish on top.

I caught up with Jade to talk about his life and upcoming Stephenville, TX roping school, co-partnering with his partner, Clay Tryan. The exclusive article will be in next month's June issue of Ropers Sports News. Scroll down to read the interview.

AW: Of course, everyone knows who you are and what you do, but tell me something that people don't know about you?
JC: I didn't blink for 32 1/2 minutes last Thanksgiving because I was told it wasn't possible. I hate cats more than anything. I am a shy person until I know someone. I could live if all that was left was cherry Coke. I love to play baseball. I'm pretty good at trap shooting.

AW: What does roping mean to you? (Besides, everything)
JC: Roping to me is one of the hardest sports in the world to excel at. It is also one of the only ones that people can do at an early age to an old age. So, to me that is something pretty special about our lifestyle.

AW:Who or what inspires you?
JC: Anyone who puts in the effort to do anything great, inspires me. There's a fight that makes people go beyond what they think they are capable of. If they want something bad enough and there's nothing more inspiring than that to me.

AW: What do you feel is most challenging about rodeo/roping?
JC: The fact that one minute you can be unstoppable and then literally, one steer later, you can be beat down. Clicking your mind back and forth constantly trying to balance, that is very challenging.

AW: As a seasoned veteran and champion, what kind of challenges do you face?
JC: I face the same challenges as everyone else.

AW: Why did you choose the ERA?
JC: I chose the ERA for the chance to make our sport better by the contestants; being able to have say in what goes on.

AW: How do you deal with negativity?
JC: Negative is my positive.

AW: How many records have you broken?
JC: I'm honestly not sure. It seems like there have been quite a few that I know have gotten broken by someone else! But, that's what they are made for. One that means a lot to me is the world record; just for the fact that it's hard to be the fastest time at any roping or rodeo. So, the whole history of the sport means a lot. It will get broken too I'm sure, but I'll take it for now.

AW: What does it mean to you to raise your boys in an environment you love?
JC: It means the world to me. I don't think the western lifestyle can be beat as far as a way to grow up.

AW: Why is Salinas your favorite rodeo?
JC: There's a lot of history there and they have done a good job of staying true to that. It's fun to get to be there for a few days and relax. Plus, the strawberries in the hospitality!

AW: Is Salinas also your favorite arena/set-up?
JC: I like the 5 head and the old school set-up. It makes it harder than usual and it is a rush blowing down through there after one.

AW: Favorite type of cattle to rope?
JC: Fresh muleys.

AW: As your roping school is approaching, what was your aspirations when starting it?
JW: I've only done 3 schools. Now that my career has started to slow down, Id like to start doing more and putting on some roping/schools for kids also. I am a believer in giving back and I'd love to see how far roping could go. Maybe one day my heeling ability won't even rank, you never know.  I'd like to save some kids and people time by heading off things that you can do in your head that make it a lot easier. I also hope they feel like they truly got help and that they have fun while there.

AW: In 5 years, what do you wish to accomplish?
JC: An accomplishment I want in 5 years and more after that, is to never stop trying as hard as I can in everything I do. From my life to being a dad or roping or whatever is going on at the time. If I give it all I've got, then I will have accomplished my goal.

AW: What tips/secrets would you give ropers when trying to better themselves?
JC: I would just say that if you are roping as a hobby and want to have fun doing it, do exactly that and do the best you can. If you are wanting to improve in hopes to do it for a living, there's a lot more to what goes on than a lot of people realize before they throw themselves in the mix. You can't be 1/2 or 3/4 in out here. There's so many guys that are capable of winning now days that you have to have all your ducks in a row to give yourself a chance. So my advice would be to not take that lightly.

AW: What tips/secret would give ropers who fight their head or are super nervous before competing?
JC: My advice on this is regardless of what goes on that day at a roping, don't fight it and try to re-create the wheel while your competing. If it doesn't go how you hoped then go home and work and work until the next one. I've always thought to myself that no matter how nervous we get we are the only ones who know how we feel or what we are thinking So, if you have a good poker face, nobody will ever know. The thought of being embarrassed if you miss or nervous to run a high team steer are only yours to hear, which also makes them yours to get rid of. The fear of failure will win if you let it. We all go to the ropings wanting to win and that doesn't happen without running the last one and I can guarantee you one thing, that is the fact that you are going to miss high team steers. You are going to miss a lot of them. Knowing that going in makes it easy because you are also going to catch a lot of them. If you are scared to win, it won't happen. So be confident in your ability even when it is the begging stages because nobody just knows how the first day. We all have to learn and there's nothing to be afraid of. We aren't roping lions or cheetahs...it's just a steer. And it's just money. The world goes around either way, so push your limits and enjoy it!

AW: What is a good tip/secret for individuals when selecting a rope?
JC: I say use whatever rope feels best and most comfortable to you but make sure it isn't too stiff. The more advanced you get the more rope you can use, but I think people need softer rather than stiffer when starting out.

AW: How do you overcome challenges?
JC: Unless it kills me, I am going to keep chipping away at anything I get thrown at me until I overcome it.

AW: What's on your bucket list?
JC: I would like to go places that I've never been and do things that I haven't ever gotten a chance or taken the time to do. There is too much to do in this world to not try some of it. Brazil and Paris are two places on my list.  I also, and this is number one on my list, would do almost anything to be a main character in a western movie!

AW: Favorite quote?
JC: "When a defining moment arrives, you define the moment or let the moment define you"

Don't forget next month's issue of the Roper's Sports News, Jade talks about his horses, partner, Clay Tryan and the people who inspire him along so much more!