"Women of the Wild West Collection" - Ropers Sports News - October Issue

               They’re the women of the old Wild West. Making statements is their name. Short tops and high tops, high heels and bright colors, Calamity Jane, Belle Starr and Prairie Rose are back! But this time, these cowgirls are here to help make statements in and out of the arena!
              Let’s start with flowers. You can’t ignore vibrant beautiful flowers. And fringe. You are always dying to have more fringe. And how about embroidery? Embroidered roses, embellishment, leather and vintage details. Now, how about all of those perfect details designed and created with such quality and class? Those romantic little details all combined into the perfect cowboy boot you have been day dreaming about!
             This fall, Rodeo Q brings to you, “Women of the Wild West Collection!” Inspired by the badass cowgirl’s of the 20’s and 30’s, boots will range in color, top height, heel size and various styles and designs. Prairie Rose, the champion bronc buster, this time will be turning heads as a short topped boot, decorated in roses and small colored details, with a nice under-slung heel. Fringe adorns Calamity Jane, the taller topped, brown boot with orange roses and orange scallops, paired with turquoise details. This cowgirl was known for her sharpshooting skills with the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Belle Starr, the notorious outlaw and horse thief, returns as a stunning tall topped brown cutie, decorated with cream roses. Leather toed tooling, a high under-slung heel and a vintage coin, illuminate the boot. Isabella, a style from last fall, will also be returning to the collection. The low topped black beauty showcases vibrant embroidered flowers on the tops and toes, with some light fringe detail. 
               For a better feel of the collection, I caught up with designer and cowgirl fashionista, Quincy Freeman, “We are currently offering the Prairie Rose boot which is a short top high heeled boot. It’s reminiscent of the 20’s and 30’s. The Calamity Jane and the Belle Starr are a tall top higher heel boot. Calamity Jane is a fun and fiery boot with details of embroidery and fringe. The Belle Starr is a bit more conservative with its brown color scheme and its cream embroidered roses. My favorite parts of the design are the silver dollar Conchos which takes you back in time. All styles play tribute to the Cowgirls of the Wild West!”
              Along with the “Women of the Wild West Collection,” Rodeo Q will be launching “Mucho Dinero,”a classic tack line. This line will feature various styles of vintage coin breast collars, headstalls, belts and dog collars.  National Ropers Supply (NRS) will be selling some of these pieces as well.
              These high quality, show stopping and statement cowboy boots and tack  will be on top of everyone’s must haves list!  No matter your style or mood, Q has something for you.
Visit www.rodeoquincy.com for more details.