Ropers Sports News - October - Fall Fashion

Fall 2015 Fashions
By Amy Witt

The traitorous heat is beginning to fade away as a little fresh rain fills our noses and the dust begins to settle some. As California finally received some rain, we can become hopeful and anxious that our rain this fall and winter will be a beautiful one. With fall and winter approaching, that means baby calves, nice grass for our livestock, hot coffee, cold and wet late night ropings and rodeos, along with some fall cowboy and cowgirl fashions.

When discussing fall trends, two things are major this year: the 70’s and cold weather with rain. Basically every trend revolves around the same enthusiasm and most of those trends you may already have in your closet.

It’s time to step the layering game up. Layering is always a must and scarves are all over mainstream fashion. The fun and magical thing about scarves is the affordability, the limitless options, and both men and women can wear them. Silk scarves are rather popular among cowboys. They are functional keeping your neck warm and protected. Buck Wild Custom Wild Rags from Bakersfield, CA., offers custom made rags for every cowboy and cowgirls’ taste. Pendleton Woolen Mills designs an abundance of beautiful and high quality wool scarves ranging from plaids to Navajo designs. If you would rather spend your money elsewhere, you can snag some nice scarves from thrift and vintage stores or even better, find the jackpot of vintage scarves from your grandparents.

Speaking of vintage, many are attracted to vintage this season. Anything from hats, coats, button down shirts, and boots, what cowboy or cowgirl does not appreciate genuine vintage and family heirlooms? Vintage retro button down shirts are on the top of every ones’ radars. Scully, Nudies, and Rockmount Ranch Wear design beautiful and eye catching rodeo and western shirts to fancy anyone’s taste. If you are traveling throughout the fall and winter, don’t skip thrift, consignment, and vintage stores. Quaint older towns carry some of the best vintage cowboy wear, boots, and turquoise.

Endless options of coats will be seen in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Suede, fur coats, leather coats, puffer jackets, denim jackets, can all be paired with basically anything you want. Coats will be an essential part of many outfits this season. The fun part about coats are you don’t have to change your whole outfit but can change your coat many times a day for an outfit upgrade. YoshiNow located in Fresno, CA. offers affordable, quality vintage coats that you will be drooling over.

Nude, classic, and neutral colors are the colors of the season. From all black to burnt oranges, camel, white, and grey, color selection will be important this fall. There are so many fabrics and materials on the table to choose from this fall. Many designers again are bringing back trends from the past like patchwork patterns, denim, and plaid. Patchwork patterns are quite unexpected but super daring. Patchwork button down shirts, coats, and cowboy boots will be worn by many. Crisp autumnal pattern plaids especially red are making waves across runways. Plaid is classy and looks complimentary on both men and women and is super festive. I feel like you could never go wrong with plaid! Plaid is rad.

Gloves, chunky knits, booties, statement earrings, and cool violet and floral colors will also be trends to shop for when glamorizing your wardrobe. Hang that good ol’ straw hat up and strut a nice chocolate or silver belly hat; even better, a crisp black felt hat rockin’ black from your hat to your boots.  Don’t be afraid to try new and uncomfortable trends outside of your comfort zone. The best part is stepping out in something fresh and classy when the festivities and holidays begin.