Oh, Vintage! Boot Stompin' Tuesday

           Used. Worn.  Classic. Discontinued. Vintage, we just can’t seem to get enough! Whether it is the style, color, material, price, or just the sweet satisfaction that you would rather wear another cowboy’s story. If you are like me, you are always on the hunt for your perfect, unique, v functional vintage cowboy boot that no one else will be wearing.
            Vintage stores, thrift stores, antiques shops, eBay, Etsy, and just general online search for “vintage cowboy boots” will give you access to endless options for your next purchase.  You must ask yourself what do you really want and what do you really want to pay? More than 95% of my boot collection is from thrift stores. There have been many times I’ve walked into a thrift store only to gasp at the price and quality and walk out empty handed. Buying boots on eBay is not my fave, but I have purchased a pair dated back to the 40’s, allowing me to torture them for at least 8 years!
            Below are a few helpful tips to becoming a professional vintage cowboy boot buyer!

- Before even getting started know exactly what you are looking for!  For me specifically, I want at least a 3 inch heel. (When I was goat tying, clearly that wasn’t functional, but now I don’t have to compete in the dreaded sport…I hated it.) Good leather, classic styles, constructed well for my spurs to fit and not slip or rub, colors typically in browns and blacks, some exotics, and square toe or rounded toes. Knowing what you are looking for not only saves time but also allows for a better search. Keep in mind using key words like brand, color, leather, embellishment, etc. for online browsing.

- Make sure to know your size. Not every boot fits the same, especially if it is vintage. If you think back to the 40’s, they didn’t have the knowledge, education, and tools that artisans today have mastered and tweaked to boot fitting perfection. 

- Stay away from knock offs, no brand boots. Brand isn’t specific for me. I don’t prefer Tommy Lama over Lucchesse; If they fit and I love them, they’re mine! We all know good quality boots from bad so remember just because they are eye catching and you feel like you have to have that pink fringe vintage boot, they may fall apart in a few weeks or hurt your feet so bad that you won’t ever wear them again.

-“Oh, but the price!” You squeal. Yeah, and you just realized that you bought what you paid for or perhaps, we’re robbed! Online shopping is the hardest to evaluate. Compare and contrast what a new boot would sell for versus used. Seriously, online shopping isn’t always the way to go. Don’t settle just because it sounds good! When thrifting, please pay attention to quality. Try them on, walk around in them, inspect them…just the same as you would a brand new pair! 

            Educated yourself! Know a vintage pair from just something someone is labeling as vintage. I would rather pay more for a vintage pair opposed to a cheap new pair that everyone is drooling over; Just not my style. Pay attention where they were constructed. United States handmade would be the obvious way to go! Most importantly, it’s about how you feel and look in them! How do you feel in your cowboy boots??