Wild and Weird Western Wednesday - Jody Reese Designs

                                                       Jody Reese Designs
                                                            By Amy Witt
               You see a girl walk by wearing cheetah print fringe bag, stitched with hot pink leather straps, and a turquoise inlay collaborated with a brand. You immediately stop and ask, “Who made that bag?” 
                 She is the cool, classy, beautiful mother, and wife.  She is the artist behind her successful and attractive leather business.  When you talk about handmade custom leather designs, Jody Reese’s name can be heard out of everyone’s mouth. Building a house 14 years ago, and purchasing a cowhide for décor on bar stools, Jody’s new found career and passion had just began. With left over cowhide material she decided to experiment by stitching it on the back of a denim jacket. Soon enough, her friends were wearing her new business adventure. 
                Now working full time from home in her shop, Jody designs and creates purses, diaper bags, headstalls, breast collars, belts, halters, and anything a customer desires!  As a knowledgeable horsewoman, Jody creates functional products that not only are unique and appealing but are durable and fitting for horses and competitors. Many associations are also in high demand to award champions and contestants with Jody Reese Designs.
                A hardworking and handy woman, Jody is a one woman team driven by bright colors, Spanish and vintage rustic styles, mixed with her spin on modern and edgy designs. An embroidery and sewing machine along with all of her materials which are made in America fill her shop. Her favorite items to design and construct are purses.  Giving her a challenge, the purses she makes allow her to create different designs and embroidery for endless handmade options.               
                Future goals for Jody Reese Designs are to have her merchandise available for purchase in stores all over the Unites States. You can bet that this talented artist will never disappoint!
                For purchasing please visit her Facebook page: Jody Reese Designs         https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jody-Reese-Designs/116506821872019
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5 Things People Don’t Know About Jody:
1. I am very competitive and won’t let my kids beat me…if I can help it.
2. I rode cutting horses all through high school and would love to cut again. I love a great cutting horse!
3. I need 10 hours of sleep or I feel hung over and I don’t even drink.
4. I am a crazy baseball mom! I love the game and to watch my son play.
5. I don’t cook. Danny, my husband, cooks almost every night or makes grill cheese.

All photos courtesy Jody Reese Designs