The Fallen Skystone

The Fallen Skystone
By Amy Witt

                I am obsessed with turquoise jewelry. It is not an obsession really…it holds beauty and signifies who I am. German, Dutch, Mexican, and Cherokee Indian are the makeup of who I am while I feel like my Indian heritage is my soul and spirit.  Traveling to rodeos and ropings, since I was a young girl I started collecting turquoise from all over California, and as an adult, all over the United States. I now proudly have a collection that is very special to me. My collection ranges from pieces dated back to the 1940’s, from Cowboy and Indian Museums in Paso Robles, Ca. and states all over the world. Each piece is significant and has a story and meaning behind them. Many were given as gifts and some I treated myself to. My turquoise gives me security and strength that many people cannot understand; I refuse to leave my house without all my turquoise rings on.  One of my favorite pieces is a delicate squash blossom…given to me with love from my fiancé who purchased it from our local Indian reservation. It is a stunning piece and I feel so special wearing it. For Christmas, he also purchased a Zuni bracelet that is absolutely jaw dropping dated over a hundred years old. While on one of my adventures to New Mexico, I was able to purchase a spirit necklace, also known as an, animal fetish necklace. This necklace holds such significance and spirituality while an older
Indian woman had hand crafted every animal on the necklace and blessed myself and the necklace before selling to me.
                     Turquoise, “the fallen skystone,” has been found in burials over 7000 years old and is even referred to in the bible. For me, and those who believe, the Native Americans believe that turquoise provides powers and strength for those who wear it. Turquoise combines well with all metals-copper, gold, brass. Its color palette ranges from sky-blue, hence the “fallen skystone,” to lime green, coral, purples, and grey tones. During the summer seasons in hopes for rain, turquoise is worn by Pueblo dancers paired with coral, oyster shell, and mother of pearl, in hopes of intensifying their connection with the sea.
                 Every few years, Turquoise re-gains its must-have trends in high fashion. It is a perfect summer trend, although I wear it everyday.  Mixing turquoise with silver and gold and even pearls is always fun while making a huge statement. Men and women alike can wear it and look fabulous while feeling happy and strong. Men can rock turquoise with carrying money clips, rings, and even the braver men…necklaces.
         You will be noticing tons of turquoise this summer hitting runways and magazines. For me, turquoise isn’t a trend…it’s who I am! While you are on you’re roping and rodeo adventures, stop at an antique or vintage store…you will be surprised of the deals you can find. You can always find me rocking this stone to new levels wearing all black and layering with tones of turquoise, silver, and pearls! Try it! Rock it!

Have a beautiful, happy day!