A look inside California Dreamin's home...

Our home is my sacred place, my safe place.
Our home is very special place to us..
We have worked hard to build a home free of negative energy.
We cleanse and bless our home weekly. We burn incense daily.
We keep abalone shells in almost every room and burn cedar to fend off bad spirits.
I have energy eggs as well.
Everything in our home is either thrifted, antique, handmade, or given to us.
I made my dinning room table out of Theodore Cedar nature edge slab and my grandfather Lloyd's old Singer sewing machine. The coffee table was made from a walnut slab and walnut tree stump that had rotted that I sand blasted. 
The pictures of the old men, one is my grandfather Lloyd Witt, while the other in the Air Force uniform is my grandfather Frank Nieblas.
Of course we have palm trees in our yard...we live in Cali baby.
Unfortunately, we have no lawn. We live above Deer Creek river channel...we try to conserve as much water as possible with the drought and our water source being a well,
so we have yet to plant a yard. 
All my furniture was thrifted with the exception of the blue couch which was given to me by a great friend. I'm missing my bookshelf...oh how I love books...I am in process of building one.
Music is played through the house with our Beats pill from the time we wake to bed time.
I cook a home cooked meal almost every night and we sit down and eat at the dinner table every night and give thanks before we enjoy our meals.
My bed is my favorite place to be in the house.
Outside, we have 2 handmade built fire pits - one in front and one in back.
The turquoise bowl on the coffee table was made by my brother Wyatt in
ceramics class in high school.
I could go on and on...but our home is our story...our pride.
We don't own a TV...we chose to spend time together or educate ourselves by reading, exercising, or entertaining.
The cactus canvas painting was the first painting I ever executed...4 years ago.
We do have a gym in our house which gets neglected quit often because we have been utilizing our outside resources walking 2 miles per day from our house..stopping to do burpees, push-ups, and sprints in middle of the road.
What's your favorite room in your home or favorite sacred piece?
Peace, love, and good vibes.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."
Rachel Zoe