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Cowgirl Swag
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By Amy Witt

     Rhinestones. Silver. Elegance. Fashion. Rachel Zoe once stated,” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."  Putting on a pair of earrings can elude class, power, and create a statement without speaking. Earrings add drama and play up any simple outfit. What started as a simple oversized hoop transformed into women all over the world wearing shoulder skimming, colorful, vertical, jeweled, feathered, and studded pieces in various colors and styles. Rules to wearing earrings? There are no rules…especially in fashion. Fashion is about breaking rules…so let’s break all the rules and make head turns in and out of the arena.
    Bold earrings should be allowed to stand out and speak for themselves. It is recommended to avoid wearing bold earrings with a bold necklace. Chandelier earrings paired with cuffs and rings are the perfect match not taking away too much attention to your earrings and beautiful face. To make sure they frame your face, select a pair that suits your face shape and enhances all your facial features. Choosing the wrong pair can make or break your outfit and can be obnoxious or distracting. Consider choosing ornate pieces with important factors such as length, color, shape, and the way they flow with your outfit, hair, or hat. When wearing dangly statement earrings, it is better to keep your hair sleek. Keep in mind, it’s all about balance. You can pump up the volume with simple earrings; larger ones will balance better with loose waves or straight hair. Don’t forget your make-up. It should be in symphony with your earrings. For instance, when wearing a brightly colored powerful piece, less make up is best. You always want to brighten and keep attention on your fabulous face!
    Let’s not forget pairing earrings with our cowboy hats! Gold, silver, or rhinestone hoops, long chandelier earrings, and simple stoned earrings look flawless with a cowboy hat. Keep in mind the color of your hat be it silver belly, black felt, or straw. Denim, plain prints, and solid colored button shirts mix best when strutting your cowgirl swag.
    Don’t be afraid of vintage, color, flower, jeweled, or buying something you would never usually buy.  Try new pieces and step out of your comfort zone. Whatever you decide, ultimately your earrings should match your style and your rocking personality. Be daring!

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