Cassidy Magazine - Rios of Mercedes

Texas is known as the cowboy capital of America.  In particular, El Paso and Mercedes also have
put the Lone Star state on the map with their pronounced reputation for cowboy boots! When you walk into a western store you can get a little overwhelmed with the hundreds of boots displayed on shelves and racks. Rising above its competitor, one boot company stands out.  With their embodiment of commitment and definition of quality, Rios of Mercedes has continued to stay true and dedicated not only to their American tradition but exquisite craftsmanship. The Rios family established Rios of Mercedes Boot Company in 1853. One of the oldest boot companies, these iconic boots are made in Mercedes along with their other brands, Olathe Boot Company and Anderson Bean Boot Company.    

From start to finish, Rios of Mercedes boots are hand made with all leather construction in the United States.  Making boots by hand is a dying art, in which the men and women of these boot companies take pride in their work and have mastered boot making by hand.  For over 160 years, Rios of Mercedes is not your typical cowboy boot company. There are no foam or rubber fillers or any stabilization systems or synthetic leathers involved in any part of the process.  Leather is key using only premium hides allowing excellent durability, boots that last longer, look better, and bend and flex for comfort. Rios of Mercedes boots are worn by all types—from cowboys and rodeo athletes to business executives and heads of state.

Each pair of Anderson Bean boots are handcrafted in Mercedes, Texas. The pioneering style of Anderson Bean has produced such trends as the wide square toe and the double welt stitch. Every detail is overseen and constructed by the hands of the finest artisans in boot making.

Handcrafted in the historic Leon, Mexico, the heart of the fashion boot industry, Macie Bean is a secondary line in the Anderson Bean family. Developed for women, the Macie Bean line offers fashion forward, durable, affordable, functional and comfortable boots.  This game changing boot company constructs amazing quality with an eye appeal and diverse designs possessing bright colors, embroidery, vintage retro designs, animal print, and classic boot styles. With a tremendous level of comfort Macie Beans are ideal for casual wear, formal wear, rodeo, cutting, on and off the ranch, or anything you fancie.

The future of Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, Macie Bean, and Olathe is bright with big plans to continue their non-stopping growth and sales, expanding into markets that reach non-traditional boot wearers. On the horizon for this winter, you will be noticing an emerging trend for traditional classic styled boots. The desire and want for odd geometric stitched patterns, graphic soles, and florescent colors are fading into the sunset. Classy and elegant inlays, stitched patterns, and a quality look of craftsmanship mixed with premium hides and cultivated looks that reminisce the styles we love of the 1940’s and 50’s will replace the old trends and real cowboy boots will surface. Inspired by the legendary icons John Wayne, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers, Hollywood made heroes and fashion icons out of cowboys, while making fashion statements out of cowboy boots; the future lines of Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, Macie Bean, and Olathe will dominate the industry and produce yet again, head turning boots that consumers drool over and want to buy!

Craftsmanship shares a tremendous amount of labor, love, and legacy that one cannot simply understand. The legacy and creation of the boots go beyond that of how the boots are made but how the customer feels in them. The knowledge and passion runs deep; it doesn’t matter if you rope in them, cowboy in them, cut in them, or simply are a fashionista in love with cowboy boots. Working pieces of art and expression for people that wear them, not mass produced and designed for individual needs. These boots are more than mere shoes. Slip on a pair of Rios of Mercedes and its sister brand cowboy boots and you are honoring one of the truest products that make the United States proud!  

"American Agriculture is essential to not only our way of life but to the entire world. The American Rancher and Farmer have been brow beat for the sake of media ratings to an absurd level. The American Consumer needs to be aware of what it takes to not only out the clothes on their backs and boots on their feet but food on their table as well. We are honored to be able to work the associations that we do because of their perseverance to maintain the aspects of an agrarian society." Steve Kahla