Cowgirl Beauty - California Dreamin's Fave Face Wash

The above face wash are some of not only my favorites, but some I currently use. The top three I use weekly and have noticed significant results.

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam, I typically use on the daily: morning and night.  I was recently on the hunt for makeup and washes that I saw immediate results with. I have never had acne as an adult and almost over night, my skin acted like I was in high school again breaking out all over my forehead and chin. Stress related maybe but I can't seem to clear these suckers up! With a price tag of $20.00, this cleanser is mild and medicated fighting off acne. Having very sensitive skin, I have been using this cleanser for a good month and still not only have a great amount left but have noticed it clearing up my face. It successfully takes off all of my makeup leaving my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated while it has cleared up my break outs. I follow up with the Clinique Corrective Serum along with their moisturizer under my makeup and then some of their foundation and powder to top it off.


Omg, Lush is to die for!! I have been using Angels on Bare Skin for about 5 months or so. Not only is it to die for in texture and the feeling it gives to your skin but the taste and smell. It comes in that little black jar like clay. You have to get the clay wet and rub on your face. It is so intoxicating and makes you feel close to nature as the rosemary particles and all the herbs saturate into your skin. If you have never used Lush Cosmetics before, make sure you physically go into the store for a full on experience. They also sell makeup, hair products, shaving creams, and men's products. All products are 100% organic, restricted from animal testing, and give back to charities. 


When my face feels really dirty or I want a cleaner sensation, I use the Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream. Not only does it leave my skin soft and squeaky clean but gives me a tingling and invigorating face washing experience. It is sensitive and gentle enough to use on sunburns which is my cleanser of choice when I have been exposed to sun or wind burns. I have been using this cleanser since high school. If you do not use it in a certain amount of time, it will mold. It is organic and raw so this is to be expected, however, I have contacted Burt's Bees in the past and they replaced it. Definitely recommend this.


St. Ives Apricot Scrub and GreenTea Scrub was turned on to me by my dear friend, Monica Dunn. She has been using the Apricot Scrub for years. I love the scrub because I love the way the actual scrub feels against my skin. It is perfect for a day in the dirt branding or roping; it gets all the makeup off the face and leaves it feeling fresh. The Green Tea has the same effect, however the smells are different and the scrub contents vary. Personally, I prefer the Apricot Scrub's texture and smell. 

I bought the Desert Essence wash because I liked the label and some of the proceeds went to a great cause. The soap gets really foamy and gives you a calming and meditating energy. When you're done using the soap your skin feels so clean that it tightens your skin. Desert Essence leaves your skin very smooth. It is 100% organic and not tested on animals in which I appreciate even more.

Not only are these great products for women but for men as well!