Cowgirl Beauty - Berry Smooches

Oh, how I love vampires. Oh how we all love lipstick. The choices and possibilities are literally endless. From price to brand to color there is always one that we have to try! Berry lips are not only festive but sexy. They give you a great amount of pop and color and can dress up any outfit.

Ever since I was a little girl my mom ALWAYS wore dark shades of purple; I never thought then not only would they be becoming a trend but that I would actually be wearing them. 

Above, I have gathered my favorite berry lips that are so affordable and fun.
NYX is my favorite affordable and go to brand for almost everything. Of course, MAC is my favorite but I can't quickly run to Target and pick up a tube not to mention the $15 price tag. 

Here's some tips to give you some vampy smoochers and rock those seductive lips!

Don't be afraid to go sheer! In fact, starting sheer would be the way to go if you're not ready to dive into it. This is a foolproof way to go…wipe on easy and take off easy if you aren't happy with it.  Apply lip balm, use your finger tips and gently pat the color on your lips until you reach your desire color.  You can also add a clear lip gloss for a finishing touch.

You know that saying go big or go home…well, go bold! Grab a color you like and smear that hush puppy on…if you don't like it wipe it off. Buff your lips first. I like to use my toothbrush…Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl line has a kick ass almond scrub lip exfoliator. Elf cosmetics also has one at Target for like $3. Personally, I add concealer and my foundation and powder all over my lips…it makes for a nice clean even palette. Secondly, apply a lip liner. This is so important. When I don't have a matching color I just use my nude lip liner…it works the same.
Now here comes the fun part. Either use a lip brush or the actually lipstick tube and apply to your lips. I don't like shiny lips so I always either kiss my hand or blot on a tissue. Matte lips always last longer and wear to a nice stain.

Wear a natural or neutral eye. If you do too much with your eye makeup you may look a little too dramatic. I prefer mascara and my Urban Decay Naked soft brown palette.

I love to wear all black…like everyday but all black with a berry lip is not only classy but elegant.
My go-to berry lipstick is NYX cosmetics in Siren. Not only was it $6 and available at Target its matte and lasts all day.

What are your favorite berry lips? Post and tag me if you dare!!